Mixer Seal – 2012

When Luke joined Baker Perkins a particular seal and bearing housing had been a problem for over seven years and cost over £500,000 [2012] in warranty claims, with the most problematic machines failing every 4 to 12 weeks. Working with numerous suppliers and eventually combining parts from different suppliers, Luke designed, tested and implemented a new seal and bearing housing that solved the problem and gave the customers reliable service intervals of 6 to 9 months.

Rollover for 4.5 Tonne Mould – 2006

While at Omega Foundry Machinery Luke introduced a whole new range of automated mould handling equipment to the company portfolio, Luke is particularly proud of the largest Rollover which he personally designed for a site in China – the Rollover automatically conveys, inverts and strips sand moulds weighing up to 4.5 tonnes.


Test Engine Running Below Atmospheric Pressure – 1995

While at the University of Illinois Luke redesigned and rebuilt a test engine facility for USDA fuels trials. The most challenging part was to make the engine run at below atmospheric pressure, using a Roots Blower to scavenge the exhaust and control and slave values to regulate the air pressure and volume coming into the engine.

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City & Guilds Silver Medal – 1990

While at Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture & Horticulture Luke received a City & Guilds Silver Medal for achieving the highest score in the country for the Agricultural Mechanics Mechanic Electrics Exam. He will always be grateful to his lecturer Saba Harris who helped him and all the class do their best.

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