Luke loves pyrotechnics and crews for Skyburst The Fireworks Co along with a great team of like minded pyrotechnic enthusiasts, below is a video of a display they did in Kelvedon Hatch on 7th November 2014.

 Kelvedon Hatch Fireworks Nov 2014

Exploding Maltesers

It may seem like Luke had too much time on his hands with this, but there was a serious side to this experiment. Luke wanted to check out the low light performance of the new high speed camera, so that he could use it at work for investigating machine performance.  The Maltesers became just a fun experiment to test it!

Exploding Maltesers Video

Tractor Engine Rebuild

Growing up on a farm Luke always enjoyed working on and driving tractors. When his Father passed away Luke kept his favourite tractor and enjoys tinkering with it as well as giving people rides. In 2013 while leading the vintage parade at the local agricultural show, the oil pump failed and caused it to seize. Having to wait for a tow home Luke started stripping the engine and removed the cylinder head at the show, as you can see below.

IMGP5363 - Eidt 2013-06-02 (44) - Edit

Tractor Drive In Austria

In 2012 Luke went to Austria with lifelong friend Neil to drive Neil’s tractor (along with 500 other tractors) up the Gross Glockner mountain pass, the highest mountain pass in Austria. Luke desperately wanted to take his own tractor, but the 1800 mile round trip proved too big of an obstacle!

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